Saturday, 5 September 2015


Summer is nearly over, and it's time to get back to reality. For me summer is the best time of year, I just love the sun, the colours, the light, but it can often feel like a sort of purgatory as nothing productive really gets done. Or does it? 

I know productiveness is often seen as a physical thing, and I'm a big culprit for thinking this way; as a creative person I like to see physical evidence of the time and effort I've exerted, something 'real' like a piece of art. But why can't memories be real even if they aren't physical?

At times, especially when I've had a day where I haven't made any art I feel disheartened or even panicky that I've wasted the day, but this is never the case. You can't really 'waste' a day. There's no rules as to how you should spend a day, you made those up yourself, and once I realised this I started enjoying myself more.

Instead of thinking that a lack of physical evidence makes a wasted day, I started seeing productiveness as myself moving forward. I try to move through the days collecting pieces that improve me as a person and discarding anything that holds me back. After all, what's the point in experiencing anything -- be it good or bad -- if you don't move on from it, and take things that make you better?

I really hate motivational quotes and all that, they're so condescending. But I guess what I'm saying (and I'm aware I'm sounding preachy but I'm not trying to be I swear) is that I've learned things this summer, and although I've had a lot of fun and met new people etc. it would all have been a massive waste of time if I hadn't improved as a person. I like myself more and more everyday, and I believe I'm a much better version of myself than I was three months ago when the summer started.

Keep improving and never stop. What's that quote on Tumblr again?

I give up. On to Autumn.

Emily x

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  1. "You can't really waste a day" no truer words have been spoken. I don't think this post was preachy at all, I really valued your words a lot! xxxxx