Saturday, 5 September 2015


Summer is nearly over, and it's time to get back to reality. For me summer is the best time of year, I just love the sun, the colours, the light, but it can often feel like a sort of purgatory as nothing productive really gets done. Or does it? 

I know productiveness is often seen as a physical thing, and I'm a big culprit for thinking this way; as a creative person I like to see physical evidence of the time and effort I've exerted, something 'real' like a piece of art. But why can't memories be real even if they aren't physical?

At times, especially when I've had a day where I haven't made any art I feel disheartened or even panicky that I've wasted the day, but this is never the case. You can't really 'waste' a day. There's no rules as to how you should spend a day, you made those up yourself, and once I realised this I started enjoying myself more.

Instead of thinking that a lack of physical evidence makes a wasted day, I started seeing productiveness as myself moving forward. I try to move through the days collecting pieces that improve me as a person and discarding anything that holds me back. After all, what's the point in experiencing anything -- be it good or bad -- if you don't move on from it, and take things that make you better?

I really hate motivational quotes and all that, they're so condescending. But I guess what I'm saying (and I'm aware I'm sounding preachy but I'm not trying to be I swear) is that I've learned things this summer, and although I've had a lot of fun and met new people etc. it would all have been a massive waste of time if I hadn't improved as a person. I like myself more and more everyday, and I believe I'm a much better version of myself than I was three months ago when the summer started.

Keep improving and never stop. What's that quote on Tumblr again?

I give up. On to Autumn.

Emily x

Wednesday, 2 September 2015


 Hello, I do believe it is Sepember, and it's time to talk about my new stuff. More important than this random load of stuff I've gathered this month, there's been numerable things that have happened that have made me very happy this month.

Firstly, I go to university in Northampton which is in the midlands; because of this, I seem to accumulated friends from all over the country which is great because I've spent the month visiting them and had them visit me. This meant I got to see cool stuff all over the country and have a laugh. Highlights were visiting Yorkshire Sculpture Park with my friend Caitlin (you need to go there it's amazing if you're an art nerd like me), getting pissed in Stourport with all my flatmates and exploring the Lake District (where I live) with my good friends Luke and Megan. Secondly, the lovely old time I had at Hayton Castle meeting all the wonderful people there and having a right laugh playing guitar till the early hours of the morning. And finally, Solfest. I have little words to describe how much I love this little festival, and I got to spend it with some pretty amazing people. Good times all round I'd say, hurrah to August!

Now on with the random crap.

 As it's September I'm in uni mode at the moment, and couldn't resist these sunshine yellow pan and wok set from Aldi. Hopefully it'll make me feel better about cooking, but that's a long shot.
 I made this cushion! I'm very pleased with myself and think it'll fit very well into my uni room. Also, have you noticed the colourful backdrop? This is an offcut rug that I bought from Solfest. I just love these rugs, they're really cheap and add colour and cosiness to any room.
These beauties were found in charity shops on my travels, in total I spent a fiver! The jumper, as it says on the logo, was actually hand knitted, it's so cute. The floral number is actually a button up dress in a chiffon material that I use as a long kimono.

Anyway, onwards to September for Freshers, moving, gigs and lots of job applications! I hope you've had a wonderful month too.

Emily x