Friday, 7 August 2015


Hello! Recently I've been working with Neon Moon, a British lingerie company that makes underwear with feminist ideals. I love what they stand for and wanted to join them in their fight for body positivity, so I made some work for them.

Neon Moon's lingerie - a one-woman operation run by Hayat Rachi - stands out from the rest because not only does their underwear support all body types, but it moulds itself around your natural curves so that your body dictates the shape of the underwear, not the other way around; therefore it's your body that makes the underwear beautiful. With no uncomfortable underwire or tight fitting garments to shape the body, this underwear is designed for comfort instead of looks. What a radical and revolutionary idea in a world that thrives off low self-esteem to market their products, even more so in the fashion and lingerie industries.

Another thing about Neon Moon that I love is their unretouched models on their website. They show the models' 'imperfections' like stretchmarks, freckles, body hair and cellulite - all naturally accuring features on women - and celebrate them instead of hiding them, which in my opinion is a huge step towards body positivity in society. By showing their models in relaxed situations with their bodies sitting in a natural way they're showing what their underwear really looks like on a woman, and not sexualising the model in the process. Brilliant!

To celebrate Neon Moon's work towards body positivity and empowering women I decided to create some illustrations for them. The first piece is Practice Aggressive Self Love, which depicts an unshaven leg. This one celebrates being unapologetic about your body and embracing things about youself that other people don't appreciate as much as you. The second one shows a drawing of one of the Neon Moon models looking very natural and happy. I wanted to cover the drawing with pattern, it surrounds the model and moulds around her curves, just like the underwear does.

If you want to visit the Neon Moon website and check out their underwear for yourself you can find it here. Finally, a big thanks goes out to Hayat at Neon Moon for featuring my work on her platforms!

Emily x

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