Tuesday, 4 August 2015


 Hello! August is here, and the festival season is well and truly on the way which is very exciting. A few of the items here came in very handy during my trip to Kendal Calling last weekend. It was my first trip to Kendal Calling and I loved it, especially The Vaccines and Kaiser Chiefs. I've also been painting a lot more this month. Painting isn't something I really get to do on my course because it's very fast-paced and I like to take time over my paintings, so it's nice to use the time off to brush up on my painting skills. Anyway, on with the favourites...

First up is this Boohoo dress with quite a 70s vibe I would say. It's also very festival-esque as it's easy to throw on over some leggings or with knee high socks or something. I love the embroidery detail on the front and the hem.

Next I'm delighted to show these new Doc Martens, they're beautiful! I've had a pair of the black, 8 hole Docs for about 5 years now and they're absolutely trashed the poor things! To be fair to them, they've been to countless festivals, covered in mud, and on various nights out covered in alcohol, they've certainly put in a good shift. So my Dad got me these from the Made In England range, they're made from a different kind of leather than the normal Docs, and he hopes these will be more sturdy and last me longer than the others. I'm in the process of breaking these in, if you've ever had a pair of docs you'll know the pain of breaking a new pair in, it's hard work but so worth it.

The next two items came in very handy at Kendal: a bum bag from River Island and this money wallet that I got from eBay. If you're attending a festival this summer I would really recommend you getting yourself a decent bum bag as you dont have to worry about all your stuff, it's securely around your body making it harder for people to pick pocket you. I also kept all of my money in this money wallet under all of my clothes. I kept all of my money for the whole weekend on me at all times at the festival as you get a lot of tent thiefs that go into people's tents looking for their money, I've even heard of people getting it stolen when it's been wrapped up in socks in their bags and everything! I didn't want to risk it.

Finally, I want to give this artist a mention in my favourites as I love his portraits. Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo is an illustrator from Chile. His work features a lot of overlapping and layering of different images over the top of each other, usually several different views of the same person's face with abstract shapes and colours encorporated into the face. A running theme in Hidalgo's work is how he depicts the eyes very circular and staring, I find this effect very eerie, but it draws the viewers eyes into the portrait and sets the mood for the piece quite well. Visit his website here.

Anyway, there's all my favourites for July. Sorry it was a bit rambly, I'm still very excited about Kendal Calling! Hope you've had a good month, especially if you've been to any festivals.

Emily x

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