Thursday, 27 August 2015


Hello, I hope you've had a good week! This week I've been away visiting some of my friends from uni round the country which was pretty fun. It's only when you go away that you really appreciate the things that you love from your home town, which is why when I got back I went dog walking with my friends Ciara and Gareth.

To be honest with you, my travelling around the country - well, mainly the midlands, I don't want to pretend that I'm some avid explorer/adventurer - was somewhat challenging for me. I find trains themselves very stressful (who doesn't?) but taking them three times in one week was a bit much for me, especially when they dragged up a load of weird-ish memories that I didn't appreciate reliving when I was dragging a suitcase around on my own. However, I managed to get where I wanted to be in one piece; I may have lost my phone and a little bit of my sanity on the way but I'm okay. Needless to say I was relieved to pull into Carlisle station on Sunday.

Anyway, I wanted to talk a little about a lovely lady called Linda that I met this summer and how her dogs make me very happy indeed. Linda has nine dogs, all of whom are either rescued or taken on by her if their owners can't look after them anymore. The dogs are all happy, healthy and love playing together and keeping each other company, this is why I love walking them along the shore and watching them run and explore and just generally have the time of their lives, it's lovely to be a part of. I think because the dogs are always so happy to see you and excited about everything it rubs off on you and has a sort of calming effect, I love it.

Each dog has their own character, and trying to capture that on camera was very difficult as they all went wild on the sand, I must have had to delete so many blurry photographs! However, I hope from the photos here you'll be able to get an idea and that they make you smile as much as they make me smile.

Emily x

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