Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Today I'm going to share with you some scans of my sketchbook that I carry everywhere with me. I'm quite nervous to show you these, as I treat this little book as more of a visual diary than anything else really. This is where I put everything that's going on in my head at the time whether it be words or images, I don't tend to bother with making things look perfect in my sketchbook because it's personal, but here we go...

So this first one is from when I was waiting of a train home. For some reason Carlisle is always full of trainspotters that crowd round the platforms with their massive cameras waiting for certain trains. I love to watch them, just like they watch the trains, I find them fascinating. So here's one chap with his camera, I actually nearly missed my train drawing him!

Second drawing is on a post-it-note (as you can see I got them free from Sainsbury's) in biro (also free, gotta love freebies!). I went to Cumbria Pride in Carlisle that day with my friend Ciara, and we sat in the park for a while so I drew this flower.
 This day I went for a walk to one of my favourite places on the shore where I live. I spent a while recalling old memories of times spent there and drawing the old lighthouse.

A thunderstorm inspired this next one, I love thunder and lightning. I love the way it lights up the sky with huge forks. I think my favourite part is the loud rumble it makes when it strikes the ground, amazing.
I love to draw people when I'm out and about, it's a creepier form of people watching I suppose. The trick is to spend just the right amount of time drawing someone before they start to notice you staring at them, yes I'm a creep.
 The first drawing here is based around a lovely quote I found 'If flowers can teach themselves how to bloom after winter passes then so can I.' I love this quote, and I drew this to remind myself to follow this advice. Also, the next one is quite motivational too, I suppose there's a theme to this page.

These final two drawings aren't from my little sketchbook, they're more finessed then the others and are based around old-fashioned illustrations. I just love vintage illustrations, how bold they are as they're just line drawings. I love this anatomical heart especially.

So there you have it, the endless ramblings of my brain over the past few weeks! I hope you enjoyed a little insight to my sketchbook, I post a lot of these images onto my Instagram if you want to see some more. What do you like to doodle?

Emily x

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