Thursday, 16 July 2015


 I hate using heat on my hair! Sometimes it's necessary, like when I'm going out or when my hair just won't behave. But I try not to use heat on it very often because I already dye it anyway, I don't want to damage it any more than I already am. Today I'm going to show you how I get natural-looking waves without any heat at all.  
The only things I use to create this look are a bobble, a spray bottle (I use this on my plants mainly but it's ideal for hair too!) I got for 30p from Wilko's ages ago, and VO5 'Plump It Up' Mousse (any mousse would do).
 So it starts the night before really, but here's me with a very attractive hairstyle here, a French plait. The night before I French plait my hair before going to bed and then spray it with the water spray bottle with just plain tap water to dampen my hair a little, I don't completely soak it. Alternatively you could tie it into a plait when you've just washed your hair but I find plaiting wet hair quite difficult. If you don't have time the night before you could also do this in the morning and dry your plait with a hair dryer right after dampening it. I like to let my hair dry naturally overnight because plaiting my hair keeps it out of the way and anyway, using a hair dryer defeats the objective of using no heat!
 In the morning I undo the plait to find lovely wavy locks! Untie the plait very gently, and whatever you do don't brush your hair, it will make it frizzy! However, I find that it can be a little frizzy of the ends from being in a tight plait, so some styling needs done.
 I use the mousse to scrunch the ends of my hair. If you do it with your head upside down it adds extra volume too. The mousse helps to keep the waves in for the rest of the day and gives it volume. I like to clip some of the hair up and add plaits and stuff when I'm finished with the waves as it keeps my hair from looking too bushy - I have thick hair.
Finished! I think this would be a lovely way to style my hair for the first day of a festival, and as the festival goes on the waves will have a more homemade, lived-in look to them (a nice way of saying messy...) which is a popular look at festivals because people don't really care!

Emily x

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