Thursday, 9 July 2015


Today I want to talk a bit about what I do to help myself feel calm when things get a bit too much. By this I mean when my day-to-day life gets a bit overwhelming and I start to feel too much pressure and anxiety. Recently I've been feeling very unmotivated and I'm suffering the worst creative block I've ever had. When I start feeling like this I have to take a step back, remember to breathe and these methods help me do that. 

So I'm not trying to say these techniques will work for everyone, and none of these things are particularly life-changing or revolutionary, they just help me on my way to becoming more mindful and calm.

 1. Write it down.
I keep a diary, where I write down everything that's going on in my head, from total shit storms to little thoughts and observations. Writing down what's happening inside my head helps me to process it, relieve some of the weight and make room for other thoughts. I don't write in my diary every single day but only when I need to, that way there's no pressure.

2. Music.
I have a playlist on my Spotify that makes me smile, it's full of songs that make me bob my head and sing along like a lunatic. It has the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club, The Stone Roses, Foals and Mumford and Sons, all tailor made to help me think more positively or to not think about much at all!

3. Have a laugh.
This is possibly easier said than done, but when I'm feeling a bit shitty and not myself I surround myself with positive people who make me laugh and smile, it doesn't even matter what we do we always manage to have a great time. My favourite people build me up to become the best version of myself, that's what friends are for I suppose.

4. Get creative.
When my mind is overwhelmed I like to keep my hands busy making things, and creating something amazing. I love to draw, anything and everything is my muse; my dreams, my home, a beautiful place or just a passing thought. I find a lot of comfort and satisfaction in making things and exploring ideas visually.

5. Some bloody peace and quiet.
Sometimes all I really need is some quiet and not just in the literal sense, in my mind too. My mind runs at 100mph and it gets tiring, I like to silence it once in a while using mindful meditation. Mindful meditation is where you try and focus your thoughts more on the here and now, rather than worrying about the past or the future. You empty your mind of everything but the sound and the feeling of your breathing; it's pretty difficult to stop my mind from wandering off but with practice I found it really helped my feel more calm.

6. Go outside.
If I've tried all of the above and I'm still feeling overwhelmed and stressed there's only one thing for it - I grab my bike and go on an adventure. When I want to feel calm I go to my favourite place in the whole world, by the sea (as you can see in the photographs). I like to sit on the end of the pier where it's peaceful and I can look out over the sea and all I can hear is the sound of the crashing waves and all I can see is Scotland over the Solway in the far distance. When I'm here, everything else is behind me and it feels like I'm sat on the end of the world. There's nothing like a sea breeze to blow all the negativity away, it's perfect.

What makes you feel calm?

Emily x

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