Sunday, 28 June 2015


Hello! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. On Friday I woke up to a lovely letter from my friend Daisy (visit her website here - shes a brilliant photographer), we're flatmates at uni and we're missing each other over the summer break, so I thought, what better way to show someone you're thinking about them than a mix of music? So I made her a mix of some awesome music to listen to. Mixtapes have been used in the past in the form of cassette tapes (who remembers those?!) where a compilation of songs were put together by the maker to portray a theme or feeling; the handmade artworks were pretty cool too. Anyway, I thought I'd show you how I made one...

You will need:
A laptop (with a CD drive)
Some blank audio CDs
Two pieces of card
Glue stick
Collage material (anything you want to decorate the case with)

Right, first you will need to actually make the mixtape. I made a playlist on my iTunes, then selected 'Burn Playlist to Disk' to get the music on there.
To make a case, cut out the shapes as shown above. The right-hand shape is 26cm x 13cm and the one on the left is 13cm x 13cm, the flaps on the outside are 1.5cm thick.
Then I folded the card where I had drawn the lines, I recommend using a ruler and scissors to score along the lines, it'll help get a neater fold.
Then I glued along the flaps to stick the case together. This is the case finished, now to decorate! I used collage to decorate Daisy's case with magazines and coloured paper. I also drew on some patterns, and wrote down the track listing on the case. Using a sharpie, I coloured in a pattern on the disk to fit in with the case, and here's the finished result:

It was fun to choose the tracks and to make an original album artwork, music is so important to spread messages and connect with people. Why not have a go at making your own for someone you love? What tracks would you put on it?

Emily x

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