Friday, 26 June 2015


There's nothing better (in my opinion) than browsing through charity shops, packed with all sorts of quirky items, it's the best place to find a treasure. I think what's fascinating about them is how all the clothes and other items there have all lived previous lives, and I like to think about what memories they hold with other people, and how they can live on and make someone else happy too. All the clothes I pick up from charity shops are unique and help me to make original outfits that make me feel good, without breaking the bank. Over the past few weeks I've found some absolute gems! And here they are...
This is a lovely black velvet coat from Laura Ashley, I know it's quite a wintery item (it's so cosy!) I don't think it looks too bad with a skirt or maybe a dress for going out. It's so dark you cant see the velvet! I'm once again feeding my velvet obsession, but I don't care it's really nice, and I picked it up for only £8!

This is just a men's red shirt, don't be afraid to look in the men's section of a charity shop, it doesn't mean there won't be items in there that won't fit you. This one is a soft, suede material (I know, it's kinda like velvet...) and I love it!

This kimono is actually an old ladies cardigan-like piece (at least it smelled like it anyway), and it came with a matching vest top - that was a no from me, but they allowed me to get just the kimono/cardigan on its own for just £2. I love the way it changes from purple metallic to pink in different lights.

Finally, this lovely Chili's Tshirt. This hasn't been off my back since I got it (yep, that's right, ew). I can't understand why someone would throw it out! They've been one of my favourite bands for a long time and I was thrilled to find this.

So there you go, some examples of the treasures you can find in charity shops. I've also got a big collection of ornaments and other decorative stuff I picked up at charity shops, maybe I'll do a post on that one day... Let me know what gems you've been finding in charity shops, and if you haven't give it a go you won't regret it!

Emily x

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