Monday, 24 November 2014


I hope you all had a lovely week! Here how mine went...

This is just a doodle I did the other day while I was inspired by all the stuff I was looking at on Pinterest. I've been using Pinterest a lot recently to help me get some ideas down for projects I'm doing, it helps creating a board dedicated to the project and just pinning away! Follow me on Pinterest here.
Christmas card designs! This was for a live brief we did with Age UK to design a Christmas card for them.
Many nights I have spent in the kitchen with my flatmates building a 'nest' of my things around me and trying to get some work done.
This is my flatmate Steve cleaning his dishes! He has a blog too, check it out here.
This is really feint because I was on a train at the time. This man opposite me was staring so hard at his laptop I had to draw him. I tried to be sneaky but eventually he caught me looking and must have thought I was a stalker or something because he moved seats!
Finally this is a sketch of some cogs for a project I'm doing called 'The Vision Machine' it's basically all about artificial intelligence and whatnot, and I thought these looked quite sweet.

Anyway, it's been a busy week. The Glug Illustration conference at Birmingham was really good on Thursday (I wrote a post about it here), and I had fun with my flatmates at the weekend. What've you been up to?

Emily x

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