Friday, 7 November 2014


This week has been fairly busy, I love this time of year! The weather's getting colder but the party season has definitely started.

Halloween was great, I dressed up as a skeleton and that's my friend Daisy with me who was dressed as cat woman. We went to Propaganda, the indie night in town and had a blast.

I don't really need to say anything about this one apart from I really hate washing my clothes, as you can tell.

Jerome and Julius in our boring as shit lecture on a Tuesday, it's the only class I don't enjoy.

I went to life drawing again and I really enjoyed it. I tried a more abstract approach this week though and I quite like the results.

This was a Halloween decoration in the students' union that I found quite funny, we went to see the live music there on Wednesday.

A really angry looking guy giving us a lecture about getting a job after uni, it was boring so I got my sketchbook out (I promise I do listen in class it just doesn't look like it in this post!).

And finally, London yesterday which was awesome! Read my post about it here.

I hope you had a lovely week.

Emily x

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