Wednesday, 5 November 2014


I haven't done a favourites post in so long! October has been a very busy month for me with going out with my uni friends, visiting my boyfriend at his uni and working (obviously), Halloween was pretty good too.

I'll start with skincare, I've been loving Dark Angels from Lush this month. My Herbalism which I've mentioned a few times (also from Lush) ran out, so I decided to try this one. Dark Angels is more exfoliating, and like many of Lush's products now, it's self preserving which means no harmful chemicals. The make-up I've been loving this month is the The Body Shop's tea tree BB cream, which has done wonders for my face during these colder autumn days. Basically, I apply this stuff in a morning just as I would with a normal foundation, except this one keeps my face moisturised all day long and the tea tree helps prevent breakouts, what more could you ask for? This stuff is perfect for autumn and winter.

As far as clothes go I've been loving long coats and chunky boots that help keep me warm. I got these boots are from River Island last year and they've served me well. They're big enough so that I can wear thick socks with them if I want to on colder days. My big tartan coat is from a little boutique in Carlisle, it's not that thick so I layer it with hoodies and jumpers but I'm obsessed with tartan so I love it. The jumper I've mentioned before is from a vintage shop in Northampton called Nutshell Vintage, it's just the right amount of ugly, I love it! I normally wear this with a shirt with a collar underneath.

Finally, I want to talk about Mockingjay, it was such a brilliant book. I was really sad when I finished it because I loved reading the full trilogy, they're brilliantly written books and Suzanne Collins is a genious! I just hope the film does it justice when it comes out on the 19th.

Anyway, I hope you all had a lovely October and I'll be posting again pretty soon as I'm going to London tomorrow, so expect a little post about that. Thanks for reading.

Emily x

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