Friday, 21 November 2014


Yesterday, with a few people on my illustration course, I went to the Glug talk event in Birmingham which covered all things illustration, including talks from established illustrators and graphic designers.

 Glug is an organisation that holds events around the world to help people from the design community to showcase their work. The events are basically 'informal networking' where illustrators get to share their work with others in the design community and spread the word about their products. It's open to everyone who enjoys art and design, getting creative or just networking in general. I would really recommend going to one, certainly as a student it was really interesting.

The event in Birmingham was held in a sweet little venue called Boxxed which is quite central. The speakers last night were two representatives from the Outcrowd Collective (website here) a group of illustrators, Florence Blanchard (website here) a street artist, Dr Sophie Dauvois from OKIDO childrens graphic magazine (website here) and finally, three illustrators from the Brothers of the Stripe (website here), an all male illustration collective.

OKIDO Magazine was really interesting to find out about, I loved the idea of having a well illustrated graphic magazine for children because they deserve good artwork in their magazines too! I loved that there weren't any gender stereotypes in the magazine and it was quite refreshing to see a magazine like that. I enjoyed the talk from Brotherhood of the Stripe about 'The Power of We' (many puns were delivered), I found it really encouraging at the start of my career to see a group of people that made art for fun, able to make a living out of it and making a load of friends in the process.

Glug events are popping up all over the world in London, New York City, Birmingham, Beijing, Brighton, Edinburgh, Auckland and Nottingham. You can visit the Glug website here.

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