Monday, 24 November 2014


I hope you all had a lovely week! Here how mine went...

This is just a doodle I did the other day while I was inspired by all the stuff I was looking at on Pinterest. I've been using Pinterest a lot recently to help me get some ideas down for projects I'm doing, it helps creating a board dedicated to the project and just pinning away! Follow me on Pinterest here.
Christmas card designs! This was for a live brief we did with Age UK to design a Christmas card for them.
Many nights I have spent in the kitchen with my flatmates building a 'nest' of my things around me and trying to get some work done.
This is my flatmate Steve cleaning his dishes! He has a blog too, check it out here.
This is really feint because I was on a train at the time. This man opposite me was staring so hard at his laptop I had to draw him. I tried to be sneaky but eventually he caught me looking and must have thought I was a stalker or something because he moved seats!
Finally this is a sketch of some cogs for a project I'm doing called 'The Vision Machine' it's basically all about artificial intelligence and whatnot, and I thought these looked quite sweet.

Anyway, it's been a busy week. The Glug Illustration conference at Birmingham was really good on Thursday (I wrote a post about it here), and I had fun with my flatmates at the weekend. What've you been up to?

Emily x

Friday, 21 November 2014


Yesterday, with a few people on my illustration course, I went to the Glug talk event in Birmingham which covered all things illustration, including talks from established illustrators and graphic designers.

 Glug is an organisation that holds events around the world to help people from the design community to showcase their work. The events are basically 'informal networking' where illustrators get to share their work with others in the design community and spread the word about their products. It's open to everyone who enjoys art and design, getting creative or just networking in general. I would really recommend going to one, certainly as a student it was really interesting.

The event in Birmingham was held in a sweet little venue called Boxxed which is quite central. The speakers last night were two representatives from the Outcrowd Collective (website here) a group of illustrators, Florence Blanchard (website here) a street artist, Dr Sophie Dauvois from OKIDO childrens graphic magazine (website here) and finally, three illustrators from the Brothers of the Stripe (website here), an all male illustration collective.

OKIDO Magazine was really interesting to find out about, I loved the idea of having a well illustrated graphic magazine for children because they deserve good artwork in their magazines too! I loved that there weren't any gender stereotypes in the magazine and it was quite refreshing to see a magazine like that. I enjoyed the talk from Brotherhood of the Stripe about 'The Power of We' (many puns were delivered), I found it really encouraging at the start of my career to see a group of people that made art for fun, able to make a living out of it and making a load of friends in the process.

Glug events are popping up all over the world in London, New York City, Birmingham, Beijing, Brighton, Edinburgh, Auckland and Nottingham. You can visit the Glug website here.

Thanks for reading,

Emily x

Friday, 7 November 2014


This week has been fairly busy, I love this time of year! The weather's getting colder but the party season has definitely started.

Halloween was great, I dressed up as a skeleton and that's my friend Daisy with me who was dressed as cat woman. We went to Propaganda, the indie night in town and had a blast.

I don't really need to say anything about this one apart from I really hate washing my clothes, as you can tell.

Jerome and Julius in our boring as shit lecture on a Tuesday, it's the only class I don't enjoy.

I went to life drawing again and I really enjoyed it. I tried a more abstract approach this week though and I quite like the results.

This was a Halloween decoration in the students' union that I found quite funny, we went to see the live music there on Wednesday.

A really angry looking guy giving us a lecture about getting a job after uni, it was boring so I got my sketchbook out (I promise I do listen in class it just doesn't look like it in this post!).

And finally, London yesterday which was awesome! Read my post about it here.

I hope you had a lovely week.

Emily x


I had such an awesome day in London yesterday! So I'm going to tell you all about it.
The purpose of the visit was because next week in my drawing skills class we're going to be doing some life drawing, so looking at some other artists' work was supposed to inspire us and help us with our drawing next week.

The Nakeds exhibition at The Drawing Room in London was really interesting, it was really cool seeing Tracey Emin's work up close, she's one of my favourite artists because she's just so different and radical and she basically doesn't give a shit about anything. If you want to check out The Drawing Room's website just click here. The Nakeds was an exploration of different methods of drawing the human body, it had a variety of different artists' work including Tracey Emin and Egon Schiele who's drawing methods showed the naked form in such different ways, I loved that they were all in the same room together, contrasting but still complimenting each other.
The next exhibition was Egon Schiele: The Radical Nude at the Courtauld Gallery. I was fan-girling so hard in this gallery, Egon Schiele was an Austrian Figurative artist and such a cool guy! I studied him in A Level and seeing his work up-close was amazing for me. We weren't allowed to take photographs unfortunately, but all I can say is check this one out if you're in London any time until January, their website is here. Egon Schiele's way of drawing the nude is amazing, they're not realistic but I felt like he was trying to describe what the world and the human figure look like through his eyes. Schiele mainly used watercolour and gouache in a way that made his subjects look somewhat pale and sickly, they were also skinny to the extreme, many say that his work portrays themes of death in the human body because of it. He is amazing and I could go on about it all day, so go and check him out.

To end the day we visited the Grant Museum of Zoology which is basically a room full of animal specimens either skeletons or preserved in jars. I've got to say, it was a very creepy place, but amazing to make some drawings from, I couldn't decide if I was repulsed or amazed but I did get some nice drawings.
I'm very lucky to have had the opportunity to visit these places and to see some of my favourite artists' work up-close, I really loved my time in London yesterday and I hope I get the chance to visit soon. Thanks for reading.

Emily x

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


I haven't done a favourites post in so long! October has been a very busy month for me with going out with my uni friends, visiting my boyfriend at his uni and working (obviously), Halloween was pretty good too.

I'll start with skincare, I've been loving Dark Angels from Lush this month. My Herbalism which I've mentioned a few times (also from Lush) ran out, so I decided to try this one. Dark Angels is more exfoliating, and like many of Lush's products now, it's self preserving which means no harmful chemicals. The make-up I've been loving this month is the The Body Shop's tea tree BB cream, which has done wonders for my face during these colder autumn days. Basically, I apply this stuff in a morning just as I would with a normal foundation, except this one keeps my face moisturised all day long and the tea tree helps prevent breakouts, what more could you ask for? This stuff is perfect for autumn and winter.

As far as clothes go I've been loving long coats and chunky boots that help keep me warm. I got these boots are from River Island last year and they've served me well. They're big enough so that I can wear thick socks with them if I want to on colder days. My big tartan coat is from a little boutique in Carlisle, it's not that thick so I layer it with hoodies and jumpers but I'm obsessed with tartan so I love it. The jumper I've mentioned before is from a vintage shop in Northampton called Nutshell Vintage, it's just the right amount of ugly, I love it! I normally wear this with a shirt with a collar underneath.

Finally, I want to talk about Mockingjay, it was such a brilliant book. I was really sad when I finished it because I loved reading the full trilogy, they're brilliantly written books and Suzanne Collins is a genious! I just hope the film does it justice when it comes out on the 19th.

Anyway, I hope you all had a lovely October and I'll be posting again pretty soon as I'm going to London tomorrow, so expect a little post about that. Thanks for reading.

Emily x