Friday, 31 October 2014


Okay, I admit it, I forgot to post my drawings from last week, my bad! So I'm only going to post the best from the past two weeks and talk a little about what I've been up to.

 This one is from the day we made the psycho-geographic map, read my post about it here. This is a view of the tops of the buildings in the market square in Northampton.
 This is a view from the edge of the racecourse, a big park just opposite where I live. It's looking very pretty autumnal at the moment with all the colourful leaves, so obviously I had to do a sketch.
 Last weekend I went to visit Adam at Loughborough uni, I had a great time and it was nice to meet all of his friends and go out with them and stuff. Their campus is huge and has some really interesting buildings, so this is one of them.
 On Tuesday night me and my friend Daisy (her blog is here, check it out she's an amazing photographer) went to a life drawing session at uni, it's been a while since I've done life drawing and I really enjoyed it!
 This is a simple drawing, I used a think pen so I wouldn't be conscious of including too much detail. I think it looks much more expressive and there's some interesting marks there too.
 This drawing was from yesterday just sitting in the studio with everyone in the afternoon. As you can see there's plenty going on - we can never seem to keep that room tidy.
And finally, this one was from when I was waiting in the doctors last week. There was an old couple sat opposite and the woman looked harassed to death because her husband wouldn't stop saying 'I need a wee I need a wee' and eventually she told him to shut up. It made me laugh anyway, poor woman!

So that was my last two weeks in drawings, I hope you enjoyed a little peek into my sketchbook and even consider starting a visual drawing yourself, they're really fun to do. Anyway, it's Halloween! I hope you all have a good night, I'm dressing up as a skeleton!

Thanks for reading,

Emily x

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