Friday, 31 October 2014


Okay, I admit it, I forgot to post my drawings from last week, my bad! So I'm only going to post the best from the past two weeks and talk a little about what I've been up to.

 This one is from the day we made the psycho-geographic map, read my post about it here. This is a view of the tops of the buildings in the market square in Northampton.
 This is a view from the edge of the racecourse, a big park just opposite where I live. It's looking very pretty autumnal at the moment with all the colourful leaves, so obviously I had to do a sketch.
 Last weekend I went to visit Adam at Loughborough uni, I had a great time and it was nice to meet all of his friends and go out with them and stuff. Their campus is huge and has some really interesting buildings, so this is one of them.
 On Tuesday night me and my friend Daisy (her blog is here, check it out she's an amazing photographer) went to a life drawing session at uni, it's been a while since I've done life drawing and I really enjoyed it!
 This is a simple drawing, I used a think pen so I wouldn't be conscious of including too much detail. I think it looks much more expressive and there's some interesting marks there too.
 This drawing was from yesterday just sitting in the studio with everyone in the afternoon. As you can see there's plenty going on - we can never seem to keep that room tidy.
And finally, this one was from when I was waiting in the doctors last week. There was an old couple sat opposite and the woman looked harassed to death because her husband wouldn't stop saying 'I need a wee I need a wee' and eventually she told him to shut up. It made me laugh anyway, poor woman!

So that was my last two weeks in drawings, I hope you enjoyed a little peek into my sketchbook and even consider starting a visual drawing yourself, they're really fun to do. Anyway, it's Halloween! I hope you all have a good night, I'm dressing up as a skeleton!

Thanks for reading,

Emily x

Thursday, 30 October 2014


I thought it was about time to give you a tour of my room, I've been here for a month now and I'm nicely settled in. Like any room at uni, mine's tiny, but I've tried my best to make it feel as homely as possible by decorating it with things that make me happy.

I want to say a little about my flatmates before I get into talking about my actual room. I'm so lucky to have such a brilliant and diverse group of people to live with, we're all supportive of each other and are very driven people which is probably why we get along so well. These people have made my first six weeks here absolutely brilliant!!

I have an obsession with dream-catchers, I think they're just so magical, especially the feathers and charms that some of them have. The fairy lights aren't a Christmas decoration, I've just always had them in my room, even at home, they brighten up even the darkest corners of a room.

I love my collection of photographs on my wall, most of them are from my film camera of festivals and of me and my friends on the shore, this is my favourite place in the world and it serves as a reminder for me to never forget where I came from. I don't know if you can see it on the photograph, but hanging on the back of my chair is the jumper I picked up at one of the vintage shops in town called Nutshell Vintage (check them out here) I love this jumper and had my eye on it for ages!

Lastly, I want to talk about Jimmy, my cute little cactus on the windowsill who has been my companion while being at uni. He's my proof that if I can keep him alive I'll be perfectly fine living on my own.

More soon,

Emily x

Thursday, 23 October 2014


So I've spent the past two weeks basically walking around Northampton and just people watching and drawing anything interesting I saw. Today I used all of my drawings to create a psycho-geographic map with my Illustration class and it was so fun!

Basically, a psycho-geographic map is geography that encourages the influence of playfulness, creativeness and imagination. So to make ours we used a huge sheet of paper (seriously it was 10 meters long) to combine all the things that we found around Northampton together to make a gigantic map.

It was fun to combine all our drawing styles together in one piece and fill in all the gaps. I think it was also really nice for us all to work together to make a really nice piece of work.

Emily x

Thursday, 16 October 2014


As part of my Illustration course my Drawing Skills teacher, Tom (who is fucking mental - in a good way) got us all to keep a memory diary where we have to draw something every single day. He told us to just draw things that interested us, so something that I enjoyed or something that caught my eye that day. I'm going to share my memory diary with you guys because I think it's a nice way of showing what I've been up to during the week.

DAY 1 (9th October)
I think the reason for this one being so psychedelic is because we were practicing drawing surrealistic pieces in our drawing skills class that day. Kinda looks like I was on drugs, I definitely wasn't.

DAY 2 (10th October)
This was last Friday when I went to the train station to pick up Adam who was coming to visit last weekend. I had such a nice few days with him, I can't tell you how happy I was to see him.

DAY 3 (11th October)
This is our kitchen in the flat, we had a party on Saturday and lets just say I drew this before it kicked off. The reason I've written 'dance floor' on the floor is because people were literally twerking in our kitchen, it was interesting.

DAY 4 (12th October)
I've always had a thing about dream catchers, they're all over my room. I don't know what it is about them but to see them hanging there just makes me feel safe.

DAY 5 (13th October)
All I'm going to say about this one is that again, I'm definitely not on drugs.

DAY 6 (14th October)
This drawing was done in my lecture on Tuesday. Basically our lecturer for our design theory module is an incredibly clever man, but he's boring as fuck.

DAY 7 (15th October)
This is yesterday's drawing, it's actually a building in Northampton and I thought it was really pretty so I took the time to draw it, which is basically what I did all day today, I enjoy location drawing, but I'll show you more of my location drawing in another post.

So there you have it, my week in drawings! I can't wait to do today's, and I'll keep doing them all week so that next week hopefully I'll have another seven drawings to show you, hopefully this will be a weekly post. Thanks for reading.

Emily x

Thursday, 2 October 2014


Today we had our first drawing skills class which was rather exciting. It was also a but nerve racking though, I think everyone was a little nervous to draw in front of the group, but I loved having the opportunity to draw all day! 

The guy who took the class was Tom, he was brilliant; his way of explaining things was really good, this might have been something to do with his overuse of the word 'fuck', or the fact that he himself was amazing at drawing.

We spent the day drawing each other, eventually getting to draw everyone in the class. Funnily enough staring intently at someone's face for ten minutes is a good way to get to know someone, and it was quite funny if you caught someone staring at you. 

All the drawing took me out of my comfort zone, which was both really fun and really difficult at the same time, Tom kept telling us to 'let go' but I found this really hard! I enjoyed all of the exercises though.

Next week we're doing still life so I'm looking forward to that. If you guys ever get the opportunity to do life drawing you should definitely give it a go, it's so good for improving perceptions and improving your drawing skills. I'll leave you with a few of my drawings from today, thanks for reading.
Emily x