Wednesday, 10 September 2014


I've been getting quite creative recently by making my own cards to give to my friends before they leave for uni. Today I discovered a lovely technique while searching for ideas for leaving presents and whatnot. This method shows you how to press flowers quickly and easily using tools you will find around your house, and the results are quite lovely.
 First you need to find some flowers that you want to preserve, I chose some sweet peas from the garden because I love their bright colours. Lay them out on a piece of paper making sure they don't touch each other or overlap.
 Next fold the piece or paper in half with the flowers inside and cover with a paper towel, this will help soak up the moisture from the flowers and dry them out.
Then you need to take something heavy, I used some tiles which were very effective. Then you need to put it all in the microwave (so make sure your weight is microwave safe!) for one and a half minutes. Next take the tiles off - be very careful because they will be hot - and give them another 30 seconds in the microwave without the weights.

 When you take them out you'll have lovely pressed flowers that you made within minutes! Be gentle when moving the from the paper, they stick to it, so you might damage them if you don't take care.

Let me know if you try this and how it turned out for you, I rally enjoyed making them and plan to use them on my cards that I make. Thanks for reading.

Emily x

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