Wednesday, 3 September 2014


I can't believe it's September already! I was brought swiftly back to earth on Monday when I realised that summer is nearly over and my move to university is looming ever closer. This summer, although painfully boring at times, I've actually achieved more than I thought.

First of all, I got through my A Levels, which is no mean feat I tell you! I tried so hard to pass my maths (I'm not very naturally good at maths, it took a lot of hard work from me) and I'm over the moon with my B!

 Second I had a week away with my closest friends and we managed to survive! This was quite an achievement, believe me, we got lost a few times. We stayed in Hebden Bridge, a lovely little Yorkshire town with a arty atmosphere and lots of interesting shops and the views of the valley especially when we went for a walk were beautiful. You should check out Ciara's post about it here (you should also check out her blog here it's very good!).

I loved being able to spend time with my boyfriend Adam this summer, we were able to go for walks and have lazy days, things I missed doing during exam time when we hardly saw each other.

The spare time I had allowed me to get some more shifts at work which means more money to save for uni, and I'm proud of myself for working hard and being able to save my money which will hopefully help me at uni.
I'm definitely proud of this blog. It's allowed me to channel my spare time and thoughts into something positive that I enjoy. I'm still developing my blogging skills though, and I'm trying to keep my ranting to a minimum!

Finally, the thing I'm most proud of this summer is my A Level results which allowed me to get into university to do something I really love.

So now that summer is (nearly) over, I'm going to enjoy the little things while I can, and look forward to the 20th of September. Thanks for reading!

Emily x

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