Thursday, 4 September 2014


I have quite an eclectic mix of favourites for August I know! August has been a reasonably quiet month for me, but all this stuff has kept me entertained at least.

Velvet Choker Necklace - I've been wearing this choker necklace a lot recently, the little sun charm is so cute. I like wearing chokers with tops with a high neckline that you can't wear a longer necklace with. I think they're really nice when mixing with other necklaces too, this one is from eBay.

Black Fedora Hat - this hat is actually from Missguided, I love shopping on there, and I love this hat. I get a few funny looks if I wear it out in my small hometown though, ha! Not only does it hide roots or a bad hair day, it also adds to an outfit by making look a little more sophisticated. I have a feeling I'm going to be wearing it a lot now Autumn is drawing nearer, especially if I'm pairing it with jeans or a denim jacket.

One Egg Wonder - I know this item is a little strange but I couldn't resist including it in my favourites - it's so cute! It's called a 'One Egg Wonder', a mini frying pan that I found while looking in Aldi for uni supplies. This pan (apart from being insanely cute - which I must admit, was the reason I bought it) allows you to fry just one egg in it, creating a perfectly round fried egg with no need to wash a huge pan! Brilliant.

Crochet - something I've been doing more and more of this month is crochet. No I'm not a pensioner, I actually think crochet is really cool because you get to make some really beautiful things with wool. At the moment I'm making a blanket which I will show you in a post at some point.

Winsor & Newton Drawing Inks - I just love these, they're so versatile and really come in handy for brightening up a drawing or even a watercolour painting. Winsor & Newton are the best for watercolour paints and drawing inks, check out the website here. Although on paper these do have the same effect as water colours, they are much more pigmented, allowing you to get a much brighter colour. I especially like the black ink, it's much darker than anything I can achieve using watercolours, and sometimes I even write with it using a paintbrush! Definitely a must have for my course at uni.

So there you are, the things that kept me amused this month. Let me know if you've ever had/tried any of these and what you thought of them, I really recommend the One Egg Wonder, it saved my life. Anyway, see you again soon.

Emily x

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