Monday, 11 August 2014


The other day I found out what day I'll be moving in to my flat down in Northampton (Saturday 20th September if anyone's interested) and I realised I have next to nothing as far as living essentials and stuff for my flat goes. So me and my Mam made a list of things I need to buy before I go and decided to get a few things off the list a week so we're not getting everything at the same time and spending loads of money. Today we had a little trip to ASDA for some stuff and i wanted to show you what I bought.

I was really impressed by ASDA's Home section and the selection they had, I will definitely go back to get some more of the items from my list. The 12 piece dinner set was an amazing £5, and even though they're just plain plates and bowls they are of good quality and are microwave and dishwasher safe so I'm pleased with those. I also picked up a cutlery set at ASDA for £1.75 which I thought was really good too. I know I don't necessarily need dishes and cutlery but it gives me some peace of mind that I have my own clean ones whenever I need them. I really don't like the idea of sharing bowls and plates if my flatmates aren't going to wash up after themselves, so at least if this does happen I'm prepared! I also bought some tea towels for £1.25 and some face cloths for £1.

I feel much better now I've started collecting things for uni, I feel much more prepared. I know I'll feel much better after results day on Thursday too, as my place will be confirmed (I'm not going to lie, I'm slightly bricking it!). Hopefully I'll have some more stuff to show you in the next month or so too. Have you got any stuff for uni yet? Have you got any tips for me for things I might need? Thanks for reading.

Emily x

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