Friday, 29 August 2014


As I'm going to uni soon I've been trying to find a good skincare routine that not only cares for my sensitive skin, but doesn't break the bank either because I can't afford it. The search has been troublesome and time consuming (perhaps that was a bit melodramatic - but it did take a while) but I'm happy with my finds!

So to start things off I cleanse my face with Herbalism from Lush. I've talked about this product before in my July Favourites post here, it's really helped my skin, I love this stuff! Then I use  a toner and a light moisturiser both from Simple - I swear by Simple I've been using it for years, it's perfect for my sensitive skin.

Make-up wise I start off by using a primer, something that's fairly new to my make-up collection because I've never thought to use one before, it really does help keep your make-up looking fresher for longer. This one is actually from Wilkinson's own makeup brand that you can find in store, but don't be put off by how cheap it is (I picked this up for an amazing £4!), it mattifies your face to stop too much shine and smooths out pores. Next I use Lush's Colour Supplement in Jackie Oats which I also talked about in my July Favourites post, nevertheless this product is great for someone as pale as me! Next are the most expensive items in my makeup collection from Benefit. I've tried and failed to find a cheap alternative for their Boi-ing concealer, but it's too good to replace, it's amazing for my dark circles under my eyes. Then I sweep on some of their Hello Flawless powder in Ivory (the lightest shade once again). As for my eyebrows I use the Brow-zings also by Benefit. This has a wax to shape brows and then a powder to set so it lasts for a long time, it also comes with its own cute little angled brushes. For my eyes I use Avon's Extra Lasting Liquid Eyeliner to create a flick on my top lids, this stuff really is extra lasting, it stays on with not smudging for up to 12 hours! Then to finish, one coat of Avon's Aero Volume Mascara on my lashes, and I'm done.

If you have any alternative or cheaper products for me to check out please comment and let me know (I'm always looking for alternatives). Thanks for reading!

Emily x

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