Thursday, 21 August 2014


I'm sorry I didn't upload this post yesterday, I was utterly exhausted (and enjoying Bake Off) so I didn't manage to post it. Anyway, yesterday me and my Dad went fell walking up Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in England. It's about an hours drive from my house, so we set off early and got stuck in. Scafell Pike is 978 meters high, and I'm not going to lie, it was very hard! It took us 6 hours to get up and down the mountain, and some parts were very steep so I struggled at times. We took regular breaks though and took a load of food and water to keep us going, including some rather nice flapjack I made the day before, I was thankful for it I needed the energy.

I've got to say, even though they didn't exactly look amazing, I was very thankful for my walking boots on the way up the mountain. A good set of boots is the most important thing to take with you when fell walking as they support your ankles, without them I would have definitely twisted my ankles on the loose stones on the way up.

The first photograph is of a 'Cairn' which are basically large piles of stones that are used on the bigger mountains to show walkers where the path is, they were really helpful to us because it was quite easy to get lost. Cairns are most useful when the fog comes in, which can be quite quick and unexpected when you're so far up, and sometimes the fog is so thick you can only see a few meters in front of you. Thankfully this didn't happen to us, but if it had we would have just followed the Cairns which appear every few meters to help us get back down to the bottom.

The last photograph is of me and Dad at the top. You could see for miles up here, and we even got a glimpse of our hometown which as I said, it's an hours drive away! You could see all the way along the coast, and the different colours of the farmers fields made patterns in the landscape, it was so pretty. As we were higher than all the other mountains around us we could see a lot of the mountains in the Lake District as you can see on the last photograph.

Yesterday was very fun and I'm glad I did it, although my legs are aching today! Time to relax and recharge today. Have you ever been fell walking? I definitely recommend fell walking to anyone, there's no better feeling than reaching the top of a mountain and being able to enjoy the view.

Emily x

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