Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Charlie Simpson's new album came out yesterday! So I thought I'd take the opportunity to review it for you guys seeing as I've had it on repeat since I got my hands on it yesterday morning.
If you haven't listened to Charlie Simpson before I urge you to check him out. Yes, he was in Busted and then Fightstar (who are actually pretty good), but I feel like in his solo career he's finally found a sound he's happy with, and the fact that he's stripped it all down to just him and a guitar is brilliant. In my opinion he's pretty damn good!

Long Road Home was much anticipated for me because I loved his last album and it was my soundtrack to last summer, and I must say he didn't disappoint with this one. The album as a whole is very well written both musically and lyrically; his lyrics always speak to me, I love the way he writes. He has experimented with a more folk-y sound in this album to add to his acoustic sound. The folk-y sound has come from the upbeat mood of the music and the strong drum beats that I find myself tapping my foot along to. His voice hasn't changed much (it's still very pure and strong) but he's experimented a lot with harmonies in this album with several layers of his own voice all together at once, you get a very haunting sound and a beautiful echo that gives you goose-pimples. I love the classical element of this album, pretty little piano riffs appear in most songs along with the occasional use of some violin and even trumpets which compliment the sound. The fact that he has used a full band in most of the songs throughout the album gives it a fuller, more upbeat and happy feel which is different but I love it.

As for specific tracks, what stands out the most for me at the moment is Haunted, I think this is my favourite song from the album. It has a happy and catchy verse with a nice guitar riff and a very strong chorus. The music video is brilliant too, have a watch below. I was very excited to see that there's a track called Emily, and curious to hear what it sounded like. This song is much slower and more raw than the other tracks with mainly just an acoustic guitar used, but it is equally as beautiful.

Overall it's a very impressive album and I love all the tracks (not a single album-filler in sight!). It's well worth a listen, it's on Spotify now so check it out and let me know what you think, you won't regret it!

Emily x


  1. oh my gosh!! I remember when his single 'cemetery' was a freebie on iTunes. I loved that song.

    1. His first album was brilliant! I love that song too. This album is more upbeat and happy like Cemetry, you'll like it :) xxx