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For those of you who don't know, I have had quite bright purple hair for a few years now and have been dying it since I was 14 (wow that's nearly 5 years!). Believe me when I say it's been every colour including bubblegum pink, blue, red, ombre and even ginger! It's taken a while but I've finally perfected some useful tips and tricks that help keep it looking bright and colourful for longer, so I hope they prove useful to you.

1. Don't try to bleach your hair yourself. Before you dye your hair a bright colour you must bleach it first unless your hair is already very light. As my natural colour is dark brown I have to bleach my hair before dying and I keep up with my roots too when they get bad. I have never bleached my hair myself because bleach is a very dangerous thing to experiment with and without a professional you could ruin your hair. By going to your hairdresser to get your hair bleached you are ensuring your hair is going to be in a good condition afterwards.

2. Use a hair dye that doesn't damage your hair while colouring. I've tried many different brands of hair dye over the years and the one I found lasts longer, keeps my hair in a good condition and is value for money is La Riché Directions dye which you can buy here. I use the shade violet on my hair and it's my favourite shade of purple. This dye is bright but conditions and cares for your hair while colouring it, leaving it soft and healthy afterwards.

3. Wash your hair with cold water. I know it sounds crazy and yes the cold water is a little uncomfortable, but it really works! Warm water opens the pores in your hair (similar to the ones on your face) and lets the colour out. By using cold water this helps the pores stay closed and your hair stay bright.

4. Condition your hair deeply and regularly. Bleaching your hair clearly damages it and leaves it dry and weak (you might find it feels more stretchy like elastic after you've bleached it - this is very bad!). To fix this you need to deep condition your hair to help restore its strength. I use Herbal Essences Bee Strong Shampoo and Conditioner and once a week I leave my conditioner on my hair for a few hours after washing before washing it off. Doing this really helps the condition of your hair, and this conditioner helps keep my hair really strong after all the abuse I give it!

5. Try not to wash your hair everyday. I know it sounds disgusting, but I only wash my hair 1-2 ties a week. The less you wash your hair the less chance the colour will fade. My hair doesn't get that greasy between washes because my hair is used to this routine - and yours will get used to it after a while too. Don't worry if your hair feels greasy between washes for a while - dry shampoo will save you!

6. Try not to use heat on your hair too often. I'm guilty of this one, I use heat on my hair very often. By using heat on your hair this dries it out which isn't good for its condition or the colour which will fade much quicker.

7. Mix some dye into your conditioner to keep the colour brighter for longer. When I haven't properly dyed my hair for a while I usually top it up by mixing my conditioner and hair dye together to keep it from fading. I mix a tablespoon of my Herbal Essences conditioner with a tablespoon of my Directions dye and leave it on for about an hour (sometimes longer) and this usually keeps it looking bright. I usually just use my hands to mix the two together however I do use rubber gloves to stop my hands from staining purple!

I hope you find these tips useful, they've certainly saved me a bit of money over the years and they're all quite easy. Having a routine with your hair is important as it feels less like a chore keeping the colour bright. Thanks for reading!

Emily x

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