Monday, 18 August 2014


I hope you all had a lovely weekend, I had a good one (despite being in work) celebrating getting into uni and my results! I feel like all the work I've done all year has finally paid off and I'm really proud of myself. Anyway, I went on a little shopping splurge on Saturday to celebrate and I'm going to show you what I bought!

Clothing-wise I picked up quite a few things that I've been looking out for for a while. I was very pleased with the dress I got from the sale on Missguided which is awesome so go and check it out! I've been wanting a daisy printed dress for a while and plan to wear this one with a fedora, docs and black tights. The denim skirt is from New Look and was also in the sale (I love a bargain can you tell) I love the bleached floral print on this skirt and it was an amazing £9 so I'm very pleased with that. The T shirt is from T K Maxx in the men's section and doesn't need an explanation because it has a bear on the front which is just awesome. I love the jeans I got from H&M, I'm a big fan of the jeans from here because they always fit really well on me and are really comfortable - I'm normally a leggings type of girl because jeans feel like they're strangling my legs, but these ones don't. Also, I can't usually wear high-waisted jeans or shorts because I have a hollow back (it bends in towards the middle) so they usually gape and don't fit me properly but because these are stretchy they fit me really well!

I had a little browse in the make-up section of Topshop, I've never tried their make-up before so I decided to try one of their lip bullets in 'Bewitched' because I'm a sucker for dark lipstick. I also picked up a black nail varnish because that's nearly all I wear on my nails nowadays.

The patterned box in the picture above is actually from the home section in T K Maxx. I just fell in love with the pattern on this box and got it for just £5! I bought it as a solution to my make-up storage problem - my makeup is so untidy at the moment - and plan to add little sections inside to help me organise it properly. I wanted something that I can take down to uni with me that's going to keep my makeup safe, so we'll see how this goes!

Finally, as usual I stopped at Lush for a browse and couldn't resist this blackberry bath bomb that smells heavenly, I'm obsessed with blackberry at the moment and also bought this 'Catastrophe Cosmetic' Face Mask which helps breakouts. I've had a little hormonal breakout on my chin and I'm hoping this will help, so far (I've used it once) I'm liking the results. I picked this last item up on a whim. I'm looking for some new foundation that won't clog up my pores but being very pale this is proving difficult - everything turns orange on me including BB Creams! This Colour Supplement from Lush matches my skin tone perfectly. However, I'm not entirely sure how to apply it, so far I haven't managed to get it to cover my spots very well which is a shame, but I'm going to keep trying!

Sorry for ranting on for ages, but I love shopping and wanted to talk about it on my blog a bit more. Let me know if you've ever tried and of these products, especially the Colour Supplement from Lush if you've got any tips on applying it. Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon!

Emily x


  1. What fun treats. I especially love all the LUSH products! :) Cute blog too! Please come visit mine at Thanks for letting me read.

    1. Thank you! I'll be sure to check out your blog :)