Friday, 18 July 2014


So I thought I'd explain a little more about my hometown. I live in a little town in north-west England called Maryport (and no, you've probably never heard of it before). Contrary to most people's beliefs, there are things further north than Manchester, and it's not sheep. It's very boring and isolated here at times if I'm honest, I guess you have to have a certain mind-set to enjoy small town life, which unfortunately I don't have. I'm sure if it wasn't for my friends I'd go mad. But me and my friends try our hardest to make it interesting, and most of the time we have a good laugh. In summer we spend most of our time at my favourite place in the world - by the sea. It's the perfect place for barbeques, piss-ups, and going for a swim, and I'm pretty sure I've seen some of the nicest sunsets in the world here.
Another reason to love where I live is Solfest, a summer music festival where you can see an eclectic mix of different genres of music (the diversity makes the festival I think). It's a fairly small festival, but me and my friends have been going for years now and I have learned that there is nothing better than camping out with all your friends, a load of hippies, some drinks and music, just music everywhere you go. Solfest is usually held at the end of summer, so it's like our last time together before we're all off to uni which is nice.
I know it sounds a little boring, but I also enjoy the walks around here. Be it in Maryport through the woods or along the shoreline, or in the Lake District's mountains just 40 minutes away. For all I complain about it, where I live is actually kind of beautiful, and you learn to love it after a while.
My hometown may be beautiful at times but that doesn't change the fact that small town life is definitely not for me. Sometimes I feel claustrophobic here, all my family have lived here for generations and I just want to get out. I feel like every little thing that happens gets blown out of proportion because people have nothing better to do but talk. I want to see what other things are out there for me, hence the moving 5 hours away to Northampton, and I guess this post proves how much of a lifestyle change that's going to be for me.

So there you have it, my hometown in a not-so-small nutshell (sorry for rambling on!). So what about you, do you live in a small town? And what do you think of small town life?

Emily x

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